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Speakers: Shilpa Constantinides, Michelle Holdsworth and Amos Laar, Jessica Raneri, Crystal Patil and Germana Leyna

Moderator: Edward A Frongillo

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Speakers: Christine Blake, Helen Walls, Mirriam Matita, and Sigrid Wertheim-Heck

Moderator: Edward A Frongillo

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Retail Diversity for Dietary Diversity: Preventing Nutrition Deserts for the Urban Poor Within the Transforming Food Retail Environment in Vietnam

Principle Investigator: Sigrid Wertheim-Heck

Retail Diversity for Dietary Diversity (RD4DD)

From Growing Food to Growing Cash: Understanding the Drivers of Food Choice in the context of Rapid Agrarian Change in Indonesia

Principle Investigator: Amy Ickowitz

Expansion of oil palm plantations into forests appears to be changing local diets in Indonesia

Holdsworth, M., Pradeilles, R., Njeri, M., Zotor, F; Laar, A. “Dietary Transitions in African Cities.” 9, May 2019.


Urban Food Policy Forum | “Ultra-Processed Foods: Their Role in Dietary Health and Disease” with Dr. Amos Laar on 16-JUL-2020. Virtual event sponsored by CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute.